Awkward First Date

Think back to a time when all you really wanted was to date and fall in love with a special someone from your school. You thought about him/her all the time. You pictured yourself together forever. You lusted over the first kiss, the first time you were held.

And then it happened: you were asked out. Perhaps it wasn’t to a fancy restaurant, but for a hot dog and soda. You didn’t have to get dressed up, not like you imagined. Even so, you went through your closet, searching for the right outfit.

When you were at school, the two of you got along okay, but had never been alone. Now you are. What do you talk about? How does it feel to be there? Is he/she everything you dreamt of?

Your task is to write a story in which nothing on the date goes right. Perhaps there are offensive odors that turn your character off. Maybe one of them has overly sweaty hands or when the kiss happens, it’s too moist or the lips are too soft. Walking together, being together, your character finds is not pleasurable at all, but awkward.

Include description and dialogue. Dialogue creates tension as readers see the struggle to find common ground. When the date ends, where is your character’s head?

Have fun with this one.

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