Physical Descriptions 

Your character might be tall, short or somewhere in between. He might be bald or have a log ponytail. She might have eyes as blue as the sky or brown and deep. 

Body size is important as well, but unless it is relevant to the story, we probably don’t need to know shoe size.

Your task is to think of two characters that you might like to use in a story. Create a column for each. Write a name above each.

Then record the physical description for each. Be as detailed as possible. Don’t just think of the obvious. Include shoulders, width of arms, waist and thighs. Length of legs. And, yes, size of shoes.

Your characters should be very different from each other.

When you are finished, write a short scene in which they interact. Even though you have a complete picture of each, don’t overload the reader with description. Instead find a way to slowly add a detail here and there.

Have fun with this one!

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