Position of Authority

Our character does not live in a vacuum. Unless he is a child, he must work somewhere, doing something and being accountable to someone.

Therefor it behooves us to give our character a job. She can be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a telemarketer working for minimum wage, or an innovator of a new app. Having a job gives her credibility, and of course, an income.

Often in our stories our characters just “be”. They live somewhere and eat and wear clothes, but we don’t explain where the money comes from.

Your job is to write a scene in which your character is at work. He can be the boss in charge of an office full of accountants or the owner of an auto repair shop. She might work in Human Resources or clean houses to barely scrape by.

Think of your character’s personality and life style. What types of jobs would interest her and how much money would she have to make to live in the manner that you have chosen.

Make a list of possible job titles. Next to each, an approximation of the expected income for that job. You can probably find the information on the internet.

In which of these positions do you see your character? Narrow your list down to your top two. Then, keeping in mind the story you want to tell, which job allows your character to move about and do the things that you want her to do?

Once you have settled on the job, your task is to set things in motion. Write the story in which your character goes to work and interacts with others.

Have fun with this one.

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