Bigotry in the World

Bigotry seems to be running rampant in the world. Little or no reason is necessary to hate someone. It could be the color of the skin, a disability that impairs movement, religion, the way someone dresses or even income. A bigot hates because he/she can and feels no obligation to justify the emotion.

Characters that are prejudiced are not pleasant to read about, unless, of course, the reader believes in the same ways.

Imagine that your character comes in contact with someone who is prejudiced against people like himself. What might occur? What types of hurtful things might be said?

How might your character respond? Your character might try reasoning with the bigot, giving examples to counter the misguided beliefs. Your character might simply walk away, as quickly as possible, but not be able to shake off the image.

There might be physical contact: a little pushing and shoving. One of them might have a weapon of some sort and flourish it about. There might be injury, either through a fall, a nick of a knife or a bullet.

Think about the story you are going to write. First make a list that describes your protagonist’s qualities. Then a list for the antagonist.

Choose a scene in which they are likely to come in contact with each other.

Put the characters in the scene and set things in motion. Keep in mind where you want it to go. Do you want violence? Death? Hurtful words exchanged? As you write, guide your characters in your chosen direction.

This story might feel contrived, but stick with it anyway. Bring things to a head, and then a conclusion. Then go back and rewrite, adding in details that add to the description.

Good luck with this one.


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