As we grow, we pass through many transitional points in our lives, none as dramatic as those of a child. From the time of conception, the changes are rapid and dramatic. There are too many to name, but think of those that mark milestones.

For example: rolling over, sitting and crawling, first tooth, standing, running, potty training.

Once we are able to process the spoken word, then comes enjoyment of books, games, rhymes, stories.

At last we hit school age where we learn to socialize with peers outside of our home. We master puzzles, learn to draw and color within the lines, and form beliefs in magical beings. We wish on stars and dream of being astronauts.

Your task is to think of a time of transition that either you have gone through or your character is going through. This does not have to be a children’s story, but it can be.

Write a scenario in which the character, after many trials, masters the skill. Include description and emotion. There can be frustration, failure and elation.

Have fun with this one!

Good luck.

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