Political Preference

In terms of politics, there is always something going on. Issues that call to action. Politicians voting for this or that, sometimes against their constituents wishes. Granted there are years in which no campaigns go on, but that doesn’t stop politicians from campaigning.

People of voting age make decisions about the issues and the politicians. Some we support, others we don’t.

So it is with your protagonists. They must make choices about whether or not to be involved, whether or not to care.

Your task is to first make a list of at least five issues that your characters will have an opinion about. Next to each issue, write for or against or undecided.

Narrow your list to two issues that fit your character’s personality. Establish her stance. Then write at least two reasons why your character feels that way.

Now write a scene in which politics is in play. It could be at a rally, at work, at a party. Include dialogue so that your character’s feelings can be expressed.

When you are finished, reread. Did you allow opinions to come out naturally or did you create an information dump? If it is a dump, then rewrite. Remember to spread out information, a drip at a time.

Have fun with this one.

Searching the News

Politics makes good fodder for storytelling. Think about what’s happening in the news right now.  All over the world you can find stories that need telling.

For example, if writing about war and conflict is your thing, choose any of the war-torn countries as the beginnings of your story. You most likely will have to do some research first to sort out the issues and sides, but as soon as you have a basic understanding of what’s going on, create some characters and put them in action.

If famine or flood or other natural disasters interest you, then seek out reports that cover those topics. Find one that interests you. For example, right now California is being pounded by a series of storms that are causing flooding, road collapse and fallen trees. Think about the stories you can tell with just that information!

Meanwhile southern California is experiencing continued drought. Think of water wars, hoarding of water, stealing water, transporting water and so on. Fodder for stories!

Within the political world, you just have to check Twitter to find quips that can be turned into stories. Take one or two, change the wording and reformulate the writers, and you’ve got a story that needs to be told!

Your task is to search the news and find something that peaks your interest. Do some basic research, if needed. Then write a short story that has your characters responding to or causing whatever storm you have brewing!

Have fun with this one.