Remembering the First Day

Do you recall your first day of school? Were you nervous? Excited? A little of both? What did you think would happen? What were our worst fears?

Apply this to your first day at a new job. Try to remember how you felt as the day approached. What preparations did you make? Did you go through your wardrobe looking for the right outfit? Did you fill your backpack with pens, pencils, notebooks and a new calendar? What software did you put on your laptop?

When the day arrived and you entered the office, what happened? Were you greeted by your coworkers? Did the boss walk you around and introduce you? Who  explained the job duties?

Your task is to write a scene in which your character begins something new. It could be work or school, but she must exhibit a range of emotions as the day nears. One way to show this is through dialogue. Have her explain to a friend what she’s thinking about. Maybe the friend is in her class or works for the same company. Make it fun and interesting so that your readers will want to be engaged.

Have fun with this one.


Today I flew in a tiny propeller plane high over and through the mountains of southern New Zealand. I was terrified until we were in the air and then I relaxed and enjoyed the view.

Your characters also need to try new things. With your character in mind, make a list of things she might be afraid to do. Think extreme, such as jumping off a bridge or letting a tarantula walk on her arm.

Next imagine how he would behave just imagining the experience. Think fear, terror, panic, anxiety.

Write the scene using descriptions that let the reader be with your character.

Have fun with this one.