Taking a Stand

When we’re little, we have very little power inside the family as well as at school. However, we learn through experience and observation how to wield what power we have to get what we want.

As we get older, the issues that matter to us take on larger perspective. We might organize social groups at school, leverage our family for a car or manipulate friends to accompany us on questionable trips.  People listen because we hold some degree of power within those groups, and by taking a stand, we convince them  that we are the one to lead, to be followed, to be in charge.

This becomes especially important if we are asked to deliver a speech, run for political office or take an active role in a community group. We have to have strong enough opinions that are clearly enough articulated, researched and supported by evidence that our target audience will jump on board.

Your task is to write a scene in which your character voices opinions and tries to convince others to follow her lead. Set the stage first by taking your readers into the time, place and purpose of the gathering.  Dialogue is important as we need to hear the words used in the attempt to lure others into the desired outcome.

Your character does not have to be successful. If that happens, readers need to understand why.

Have fun with this one.

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