Scandalous Affair

The tabloids that sit near cash registers call readers with stories of extramarital affairs, terrestrial sightings and deformed bodies. To get the stories, paparazzi follow real people about trying to catch them in uncompromising positions and interview folks who have outlandish stories to tell. If the magazines didn’t sell, they wouldn’t be on the market.

Your task is to write the story of all fiction stories, the one based on gossip, lies and exaggerations. Your character should be well-known in your world. Perhaps she’s a TV reporter or the police chief of a large city. Maybe he just signed a billion dollar contract with a new sports club or bought a car dealership that sells hundreds of vehicles a week.

Think big, glamorous, exciting. Most likely your character is regularly seen on television and heard on the radio talk shows.

Because of her popularity rumors swirl about. Has she been seen with ______? Was he cuddling with _____? Did he really say that? Did she wear that? Are they a couple even though they are both married?

What happens needs to be enticing to readers. Drama and tension are critical to this genre. Employ dialogue and interactions with a variety of people. Terse words would stir some people’s juices. Love scenes will entice others.

This is your opportunity to be outrageous.

Have fun with this one.


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