Speed Dating

Speed dating became a fad a few years ago and has been featured in comedy shows and movies. A bunch of lonely people show up at a predetermined time and sit at assigned places around the room. A potential partner sits across from them. A times is set and the two are given anywhere from three to eight minutes to decide I there is any interest.

The technique is also used at writing conferences to give participants access to a variety of agents. You’ve got three minutes to sell your book. Obviously a prepared speech is necessary to keep you from bumbling about.

Imagine that your character is going to a Speed Dating event. What type of event is it? Who is going to be there? How nervous is the character? How much does she prepare beforehand? Does thought go into appearance, such as clothing to be worn?

If you haven’t written comedy before, now is your chance to dabble in the genre. All kinds of things can happen, such as someone bumping into the table and knocking a glass of water into a lap. Or arriving under the influence. Or stuttering due to anxiety.

Your task is to write the story. Begin with the character finding out about the event, either through a friend or an advertisement. Take us through the entire stage as the character tells others about it, gets advice, decides what to wear, arrives, meets people, leaves.

Have fun with this one.

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