Staying up Late

When I was in high school I obsessed over grades. I stayed up all night, many nights, reviewing material for tests and quizzes. Although I was exhausted the next day, I believed that the effort paid off.

In college I continued the behavior. Was I always mentally sharp? Probably not, but I was so anxious about not doing well and fearful of losing my scholarship, that I continued.

Think of a time that you stayed up. What was the reason? The outcome? Did you accomplish what you hoped to? Did you do it just once or many times?

Now think of the story you can tell.

Your task is to write a story in which your character stays up all night doing something. Remember that a story needs conflict and tension, so how are you going to include those? Could there be a near-accident? Lecture from a parent? Too sleep-deprived to walk across campus?

Make the details compelling enough so that your readers will want to read to the end.

Have fun with this one.

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