Being an Outsider

Do you remember what it feels like to not belong? How alone it is to stand by yourself on the playground or sit by yourself in the lunchroom while happy people swirl about? Close your eyes and bring up those memories.

What if you were never on the outside? Then imagine that you are right now. You have no one to talk with at work and at home. No one to go places with, no one to share a meal or see a movie or to call when you are frightened.

Those are the emotions that bring us to tears, to self-doubt as to our worthiness.

Your task is to write a story in which either you or your character are outside of the group. Emotions are key. The reader needs to feel what the character is feeling, see how alone the character is and understand how very isolating that is.

Details are important. Sights, sounds, tastes. Imagine eating lunch by yourself and how your egg sandwich tastes.  Think of your clothing. Does it match in terms of styles, cut, color or is it old-fashioned…and how does that make you feel?

Someone is organizing an outing. People are talking about choices of things to do and see. But not with you. How does that make you feel?

Write a heart-wrenching story that will touch your readers.

Have fun with this one.

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