Leap of Faith

Some things are just too good to be true and require us to set aside belief in order to accept what we see. This is called a leap of faith.

Often we leap when reading fantasy for the writer takes us to worlds unknown and we become witness to talents and skills that, perhaps, don’t exist in the real world.

Your task is to write a piece in which you force readers to stretch their imaginations. Take us to a world of wonder, a world in which things happen that defy explanation.

Begin by listing possible occurrences or skills in this world. Recall things you’ve read or seen, but add an original twist to each. Then narrow it down to three or four that you think you can incorporate into a story.

Write, making sure that your world is unique and interesting, that causes us to scratch our heads and wonder if it could be true. You can take us to far off lands, perhaps even into space, or back to the past, to a time in which scientific explanations could not cover all the strange things that occurred.

When finished, reread, looking to see if your story is believable and if there are sufficient details to draw readers in.

Have fun with this one.

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