Love in the Story

Love manifests itself in many forms.

We understand like from a very young age. We like ice cream, listening to stories, running around the yard. We like school, the playground, learning new things. We like boys if we’re male and girls if we’re female until we become adolescents and then it’s no longer the “in” thing to like only same-sex friends.

We also learn love. Love of family. Love of our dog or cat. Even love of turtles, elephants, unicorns. We love specific foods and colors. We love styles of clothing. We love our electronics devices and spend countless hours before them.

At some point in time we feel love of the other for the first time. A true, heartfelt desire to be with the other forever and ever. Because of this love we are willing to make sacrifices, to change our lives, to try new things, all to be with this love.

Whoever your character is, then, he must have loves in his life. He probably has a gazillion likes, but he should have one true love. If not, then it’s time to give him one.

Think about your character’s personality and what types of people she feels a kinship to. Does she like tall, muscular body builders? Thin, reedy intellectuals? Those with blue eyes and blond hair or dark brown eyes and tight curls that encircle the head.

Once you’ve discovered the type, then create the person that she will fall in love with. Figure out how they meet. Is it at work or in a coffee shop? At a ballgame or in line to buy the latest Apple product?

Your task is to write the falling in love scene. Remember that even the most villainous of us love something or someone, so don’t be afraid to have your evil character find love.

Put them in the place of meeting. Have them exchange glances, smiles, shrugs. Let us see inside one of their heads so that we know what he is thinking. Is it love at first sight or simply intrigue? What things do they say, do? How do they find out each other’s name and contact information?

Take us to the point where one of them knows it is love.

Have fun with this one.


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