Coming Home

Your character has been away from home. Hopefully the trip has gone well. No fights with family. Interesting things to see and done. Good food shared. Nieces and nephews played with and hugged. A wonderful time.

All vacations come to an end and the travelers must return home. What emotions go through them at this time? Do they sense impending loneliness and so don’t want to leave? Is a loved one ill and they fear they this individual might die?

Or do they yearn for the solitude of their own home? I believe that most people love going home, whether that home is a deluxe mansion or a tidy studio apartment. It is theirs, filled with their things, a space that is special to them, no matter how poor.

It is time to bring your character home. As they pack and say final goodbyes, what goes through her mind? We want to know for it tells us quite a bit about the character’s relationship to significant others in her life. But don’t tell us, show us in her tears and words.

As he travels home, whether by plane, train or car, what goes through his mind? Is he missing his dog/cat? Is he dreading going back to work? Is he already missing the places he has gone and the people he has seen?

This is a hard one not to just share with us. You could use phone conversations or texts, but for the most part, for this part of the scene, we will have to be in the character’s head.

Your task is to bring the visit to a close and put your character on the road. Also include the arrival home and the emotions that she feels. What are the first things she does when she arrives? We want to experience this with your character.

Have fun with this one.

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