Secret Places

Most of us have places where we go when we yearn for quiet. For young mothers, it’s often inside the locked bathroom.  At work, it might also be the bathroom or a bench outside the office.

For writers, it could be a coffee shop with free internet access. For readers it might be a quiet corner of the library or an unused room in the house.

Think of one of your established characters. Imagine him seeking quiet. Where would he go? What would he do there?

Make a list of possibilities. On one side, list the places. On the other, the activities. Match up a few of them, putting the information into a sentence.

For example:

Martha loved to read, but seldom found a quiet place when her busy children were awake, so she kept a book in the bathroom.

See how it works?

Your task is to come up with a few plausible secret places for your character, then turn one of them into a scene.

Have fun with this one!

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