Going Places

People seldom stay home all day long, day after day. They go to work, out to eat and shopping for food, clothes and other necessities.

They travel by foot, car, bus, ferry and train. If they are lucky, they fly around the world visiting relatives, seeing exotic places and attending conferences.

When they travel, they encounter others, like the homeless woman who sleeps on a bench inside the train station or the drug-influenced young man who stumbles about the ferry banging into passengers.

No two trips are alike. Each day brings a new adventure, some more interesting or frightening than others.

Your characters must also go places and have encounters every day. This presents a challenge to the writer. How to make a journey unique? Using descriptive phrases that incorporate the senses allows the reader to walk next to your character.

Your task is to write a scene in which your character goes somewhere and experiences something unusual. Think about what she sees, hears, smells and tastes.

Have fun with this.

Good luck.

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