Don’t Forget Tech

Today’s world is filled with all kinds of gadgets, from cell phones that act as cameras to low-energy appliances that do our laundry and dishes. Almost every day we read of new advances in technology, many meant to improve lives and expand capabilities.

If you are writing contemporary literature, your characters must interact with the technology of the day. Consider everyday activities such as stepping on a digital scale, loading the dishwasher, turning on the computer. Watching HD television and carrying around thousands of our favorite songs. Reading books on hand-held devices. Playing video games in 3-D and even exercising along with animated creations that run, jump and bicycle in time to your movements.

People love their devices and cannot imagine quality life without them, so include them in your stories. They check their phones constantly for emails and texts. They walk around with ear buds, barely paying attention to where they are going. Players go to competitions in which masters compete against monsters on the screen as well as against each other.High schools have robotics teams that build, compete and destroy other machines.

Your task is to write a scene in which your character uses at least five different modern pieces of technology. Be creative. Don’t put them all in one paragraph, but find a way to logically place the tech in the scene. Don’t be afraid to use cutting-edge tech to accomplish tasks that have yet to be programmed.

Have fun with this one.

Good luck.

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