There is a time when it is important to blend in. To be nearly invisible. Just another unremarkable face in the crowd.

Your character will have days like this. Imagine that he’s been invited to a 21st birthday party for a friend who only wears jeans and t-shirts. So that’s what your character wears to the part. When he arrives, he discovers that the guests are dressed in sport coats and slacks, with the intention of going to a fancy restaurant for dinner. There is no way to blend in, and so the character can go home and change or simply say goodbye and leave.

Think of the student who failed to complete the assigned readings. Sitting in class the next day she keeps her eyes averted so as to not attract the teacher’s attention. She slouches in her desk, blending in with the furniture.

There has been a bank robbery. It was well-planned, with the perpetrators wearing ski masts and gloves and escaping into a white van with no license plates. As soon as the van pulls away, the robbers remove the masks and blend in.

It is your task to write a scene in which your character makes a choice that either allows him to blend in or in which she stands out. Come up with a scenario that fits the character’s personality. A shy person might choose hiding in plain sight, while a more socially outgoing person might prefer fitting in.

Your scene can be criminal in nature or a social setting. You decide.

When you are finished, reread. Does it make sense? Is your character invisible or a standout?

Have fun with this one.

Good luck.

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