Heroes Among Us

Recently a group of young men saw an intruder on a speeding train and stopped him from causing harm to passengers. They have been hailed as heroes and were recently awarded France’s Legion of Honor, the highest award a civilian can receive.

Is your character a hero? If you write horror or thriller, then you must have a hero in your story. Your protagonist pursues the villain with determination, faces danger repeatedly as he/she narrows down the chase, and eventually catches/kills the opponent at great peril to herself.

Everyday heroes are more prevalent in society. These are the individuals who spend their own money to feed and clothe the homeless, buy school supplies for poor children, and give what they can to deserving charities. They volunteer at schools, charity shops, senior centers and kitchens. They deliver meals to homebound seniors and visit the sick with thoughts of kindness and healing.

Such heroes are all around us, but because they tend not to wear uniforms, we might not see them.

Write a scene in which your protagonist is a hero. Choose an act that fits his personality and demeanor. Have her go about her day with flare or with modesty, whichever fits. What kind of thanks does she receive? Is it simply a smile or nod, or a medal?

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