Throughout our lives we have experienced many different kinds of journeys. Some are internal, such as exploring personal beliefs, while some involve travel around the country. Most enrich our lives, either through things we have seen, people we have met or observations that impact us due to their unusual nature.

Everyone travels, although the distances that we cover vary depending upon time and money.

Some of us only visit relatives. We might drive overnight to get there and crash on floors while we are there, but we get to spend time with them, learn from them, be with them.

Some of us are lucky to travel further from home. We hop on planes and dash across the country or drop into other countries. We walk about, seeing things that we’ve dream about.

Your task is to write about a journey that you have experienced. Think of the sights, sounds, feelings that might have changed you. Use details to enrich the story.

Add in characters that you saw in order to add depth.

Have fun with this one.

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