Reflections or Resolutions?

Every year at this time we torture ourselves by setting goals to achieve in the coming year. We intend to stick to them, for at least a week, then chastise ourselves when we fail.

What if we chose to reflect over what we did or didn’t do over the past year? How much more helpful would that be?

For example, I could set a goal to lose ten pounds. Or I could revel in the fact that I lost fifteen! Which would be more inspiring? Which would encourage us to push forward?

Your task is to decide which to choose for yourself or for your protagonist. This might not be a long scene as it merely sets the stage for what is to come. Instead write about the thinking process that your character goes through.

A little dialogue would help. Imagine two characters interacting and evaluating each other’s process. That could create tension especially if one character regales the other over repeated failures despite setting the same resolutions every year.

Have fun with this one.