A Day at the Beach

            Let’s say you’ve been to the beach. It could be at the ocean, at a lake, or even at a large river. No matter where, but there’s some type of beach.

            If you’re lucky, it’s soft sand. If you’re not, it’s rocks that cut the bottoms of your feet.

            Perhaps the water’s warm, but there’s a good chance that it’s not.

            There might be waves, especially if a strong breeze arises or it a watercraft motors by.

            And there are creatures in the water.

            Your task is to write the story.

            Your character and friends go to a beach for the afternoon. Or the weekend if they rent a cabin or pitch tents.

            They’re excited, looking forward to a great time.

            In your story, we want to see what they see, feel what they feel, see and taste all the things they do.

            How does the beach feel on the feet? Describe the picture of them getting to the beach. They’ll talk and laugh and maybe cry out in pain.

How cold is the water? Show us the group as they enter the water. Does one of them run and dive? Do some stand in only ankle-deep water?

Make at least one character worry about whatever might be in the water. Perhaps someone freaks out when seagrasses brush their legs.

Have fun with this one.