Sometimes a series of unrelated things seem to happen at the same time, creating a situation that is both unexpected and mysterious. Often these events bring joy but they can also trigger unhappiness.

For example, let’s say that while on vacation in New Zealand you happen to run into a friend from high school that was unaware of you going there. You might say, “What a coincidence,” followed by shared laughter.

Perhaps you carried a load to laundry to the garage. The washing machine doesn’t get all the water out of the clothes and the dryer isn’t working properly either. Again you would declare that a coincidence.

Your task is to write a story in which a coincidence plays a major role in the plot. First barnstorm a list of possible occurrences that could be linked together. Then figure out a way to write them into a plausible story. You can choose fantasy or realistic fiction. Or, if you prefer, you can share with readers things that happened in your life.

Make the story interesting by including details that add a sense of humor, such as dialogue combined with narrative. You can play with setting as well by placing the event in an unusual location.

Have fun with this one.