The Doorbell Rings

Imagine that your character is alone in her family room, settled in for the evening. She’s reading a favorite book while watching a game show on television. Suddenly the doorbell rings.

What goes through her mind? Does she panic or react calmly? Was she expecting someone or is this a surprise?

Does she simply open the door or peek through a window?

What she does tells us a lot about her as a person. Some are brash and react without thinking. Some go cautiously throughout life, checking and rechecking every step along the way.

Your task is to write a scene in which the bell rings. Remember that however your character acts must be true to his or her personality.

Keep in mind that many times whoever is standing on the outside is a mystery person. That person could have benign interests or could be malevolent. You have to decide.

Have fun with this one.

The Unexpected

Life does not always speed along in predictable ways. Things happen that cause our course to change.

So it must be for your characters.

These happenings can be relatively insignificant, such as the restaurant running out of tomatoes. Such tiny things will barely cause a ripple in your character’s life.

What happens, however, when something huge gets in the way of what he wants to do? How will he react?

Imagine a scene in which your character’s plans are thwarted. She intends to do something, but can’t. What will she say and do?

Write that scene, remembering to include emotions. We must be able to feel her angst and confusion. We must experience the situation as strongly as he does.

Draw in your reader.

Have fun with this one.