Wedding Photo Stories

Sometimes we get stuck. Can’t think of anything to write about. Try several ideas, but none of them pan out. So what do you do?

Rather than giving up, try taking out your own wedding photo, or it that doesn’t inspire you, a photo of someone else.

Look into the eyes of the characters. See how they stand next to each other. Is there physical contact or distance? Are they aloof or relaxed? Examine clothing, not just for style, but for fit. Is the groom’s tie off-center as if put on without regard for appearance? Is the bride’s gown form-fitting, highlighting the shape of her body?

Take a look at the shoes. If they appear worn, then our characters might have been short on money. Perhaps the groom’s left shoe tilts to the inside. Think about how that affects his gait. If the bride is wearing flats, then maybe she would be too tall in high heels.

Where are they standing? Some couples have their pictures taken at the front of the church, some outside under a shady tree. Choice of location indicates how the couple feels about the environment and their place in it.

Your task now is to write their story. You do not have to write about the wedding itself, but it is okay if you do. Instead imagine a scene in which this couple might have met or a place where they enjoy spending time. Give them names, personalities and forms of speech. Engage them in an activity that is compelling, a tension-filled scene in which each character wants something.

At the end one of your characters must be fulfilled while the other may still be wanting.

Have fun with this one.