Food Favorites

We eat. So do our characters. We have favorite foods, go-to foods, emotional eating foods and so on. So do our characters.

At some point in any story, our characters must consume a meal. Sometimes it’s fast food, sometimes fine dining, sometimes in a chain restaurant, sometimes in a family-owned establishment. No matter the place, they have to eat.

Your task is to write a scene in which your character eats something. To do this, first construct a list of preferred foods and places where these items can be purchased. Make sure to include a variety of establishments so that your character has options.

Once you have your list, narrow it down to two choices. Any more than that and the scene becomes unwieldy.

Put your character in motion. At some point he has to stop to eat. He can dine alone or with others. It can be a hot date or an office gathering. She might go out with friends or eat with family.

When you write, remember to have your character think about the food. This includes taste, smell, texture and feel. If she eats something slimy, write about it. If it’s crunchy, describe it. If it has a strong odor, include that detail.

Also consider your character’s reaction to the food. What if he tries something for the first time and it nauseates him? Write about it. What if the meat is tough as leather? What does she do with it?

Have fun with this one.

The Electricity Goes Out

Imagine life without electricity in the contemporary world. We would be angry, frustrated and bored. We could not access our landline phones, television or radio. We could not cook and keeping things cold could be a serious problem. Those of us lucky enough to own electric cars could not charge them.

This is the problem that arises in your next story. This does not take place in the past when rugged individuals knew nothing about the joys of electricity.

Set up your scene and introduce your character in an interesting way. Then the power goes out and stays off not just for hours, but days. Think of the passage of time and how the character feels as each minute, each day passes with no change.

Describe the emotional state of your character as well as what the individual does to survive. Think about the senses. Smells. Sights. Taste. Touch.

Have fun with this one.

Good luck.