Roadside Meal

            How many times have you been away from home and stopped to eat? What types of places do you normally choose? Fast food chains? Sit-down restaurants? Or something in between?

            When you scan the menu, do you have go-to preferences? Some go for hamburgers, while others choose salads. Some like sweet potato fries, eggs over-easy, chocolate cream pie.

            Your task is to write a story in which your character is traveling and stops for a meal. Depending upon the restaurant, she either reads from a menu board or from a handheld menu.

What does she order? Is it served cold or hot? How does it taste? From her reactions, you tell if it’s as she expected and whether or not she’s satisfied.

If there’s waitstaff, when someone checks in, your character responds by saying what she likes or doesn’t like, whether she’s satisfied or might like to order additional items.

To make it interesting, have someone strike up a conversation with your character. A little tension builds because this person is annoying or clinging and doesn’t take the hint that she’d like to eat alone.

Have fun with this one.

Café Talk

            Some people love to sit in a café, nurturing a steaming cup of coffee while talking with friends. Others go alone, but listen to what’s being said.

            When there’s disagreement, things can be really interesting…or embarrassing, depending upon POV.

            Your task is to write a story that takes place in a café. It can be a fancy one situated in an expensive locale. Imagine a busy Parisian street, where lots of people walk by. Or downtown New York City, in the financial district.

            The café could be in a war-torn city, surrounded by ruined buildings or in the heart of the low income part of a major city, a place were homeless sleep on the streets and drug-deals go down.

            Give your protagonist a colorful background, such as being a loan officer at the bank or a farmer who’d just sold her grain. To make things interesting, add an additional character. That way dialogue will help readers see and understand what’s happening.

            Have fun with this one.