Tattoo Choice

Imagine yourself walking into a tattoo parlor. First of all, why would you do it? Where would you place the tattoo? What design would you choose and why?

Would you want the name of your significant other emblazoned on your arm or would you prefer a dragon dancing across your back? Perhaps you would want the face of someone you admire on your thigh or a geometric design encircling your lower leg.

What you choose and where you have it placed says a lot about who you are.

Your task is to write a scene in which a character decides to get a tattoo. Readers will want to walk with the character through the entire process. Think of the decisions to be made, the mental turmoil involved. In order to bring in the readers, you might need dialogue.

Sensory details are critical. Think of sights, smells, taste, sounds and feelings. Does it hurt? Is there a smell as the tattoo is burnt into the skin? Does the character get faint? Is water offered or another drink? Does he take something to calm his nerves?

Reread, remembering that conflict is important.

Have fun with this one.