Unexpected Help

            You’ve got to trim the trees in your yard. The problem is that you are terrified of heights and the job can’t get done without someone climbing a ladder. Or maybe there’s a glitch in your computer that you can’t solve. Perhaps you’re in the midst of a complex project at work and won’t meet the deadline.

            Imagine that someone appears who offers to help, either out of the kindness of his heart or because he was told to do so. With his help, the task is completed satisfactorily.

            Your character might need help at some time during the story. How he asks for and accepts help says a lot about who he is. For example, what if he is gruff and ungrateful? The helper might walk away. On the other hand, what if he offers a free meal in payment?

            Your task is to write a story in which help is needed and provided. How is the need communicated and received, if offered? What kind of person is the helper? Is he rude and disrespectful or patient and kind? Does he humiliate the person needing help or patiently jump in?

            Both description and dialogue is important in this story. Emotions and behavior play key roles. A little tension might make the story more interesting.

            Have fun with this one.