What are the things that “call your name” whenever you come home from work? Is it a beer, mixed drink or glass of wine? A cigarette? Maybe it’s a handful of chocolate or cookies?

Whatever it is, it speaks to us, encouraging us to partake even when we know that we shouldn’t.

What calls your character’s name? What are her vices? Those things that she can’t live without even though she knows she shouldn’t succumb to their call?

Your task it two-fold. First create a list of possible vices. Make sure that these things are logical based upon your character’s personality.

Narrow it down to the one or two that are most logical and the easiest for you to write about.

Next write a scene in which your character is enticed to partake in the vice. Where is he? What does he do? Does he resist or give in immediately? Who is he with? Do his friends encourage him or discourage him? When he gives in, how does he feel? Is there satisfaction as a reward or does guilt consume him?

Consider all these things as you write.

When you are finished, reread. How does the scene play out? Have you covered all the basics? Is there anything else that should be included? Expand wherever information is lacking.

Have fun with this one.


Addictions interfere with our lives. Drugs and alcohol impair our ability to function normally, to concentrate, to process and hold on to information.

Going to work under the influence, if caught, could lead to termination. Driving can cause death to innocents.

Imagine the impact on relationships, unless the partner also abuses.

These are the things that we must consider when crafting characters.

Is your character an addict or a one-time user? Does your character hang out with users or avoid users? Does your character occasionally use drugs or alcohol or take part on a regular basis?

Your task is to create a character and then decide how much of an addict, and addicted to what, that individual is. Write a scene in which the reader sees the character either avoiding substances or taking part.

If you are not familiar with how someone under the influence of a particular drug might act, do some research. You want your character’s actions to be as realistic as possible.

Have fun with this one.